Writing Horror Stories

I love writing and reading and I think I am good at both as well.  When I do write I love to write letters and stories.  But whenever I write a story it ends up being a horror story.  I love writing horror stories and they are definitely horror.  At the moment I am writing two horror stories and one children’s story.  The first horror story I am writing is called Forensic Scientists.  This one is about two best friends who are both forensic scientists and one gets murdered and the other one has to find out how he got killed.  The second one is called The Murderer.  This one is about a woman who comes back home and sees blood on the floor, she keeps following the blood that leads into the bathroom and see her husband has got a bleeding nose.  But all he says is that he tripped over and broke his nose.  The third one is called The Magic Caravan.  (This is not a horror story) This is about two girls that are best friends.  One lives in a normal house and the other lives in a small scruffy caravan.  When the other girl goes inside she faints because… The rest is a surprise.  Can you guess why she faints?

What Type Of Stories Are You Good At Writing?


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